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How to add the Wayfinding App to your TelemetryTV display

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Intelligently display classroom schedules, lecture locations, and upcoming events to staff and students from anywhere on campus with the Wayfinding App. 

The Wayfinding App connects to your 25Live account to sync your events calendar to multiple displays.

Adding the Wayfinding App

  • Go to the Shared tab from the lefthand toolbar of the TelemetryTV interface.

  • Choose Apps, and select the Wayfinding app under "General", or use the search bar.

  • Edit the app properties and click "Create".

Configuring Your Wayfinding App

There are several properties for you to edit that appear on the right once you select the app.


Give your app an identifiable name so you can find it easily.


Insert your unique 25Live RSS feed URL to link the app with your account.


This is the title that will actually appear in the app's top-left corner.

Display Media Based on Tag

If this is toggled on, any image or video in your media repository that is tagged with the same title as your Wayfinding app will be displayed randomly as the background image for the app.

Default Media

Clicking this field lets you manually select an image or video to be used as the background to your Wayfinding app.


You may choose between light and dark themes.

Once you've configured your app to your liking, simply click "Create" and you're Wayfinding app is ready to go!

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