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How to add TelemetryTV's WindyTV App to your display

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A powerful tool for pilots, outdoor sport and weather enthusiasts, the WindyTV App fetches content from's wind map and weather forecast tool. 

Add your desired location to view wind maps, weather forecasts, rain, snow and wave pressure in real-time. 

To get started, add the WindyTV App by accessing the Playlists tab, accessible from the left-hand toolbar.

From here, select "Add App", and locate the WindyTV either by scrolling to the General section of the Apps list, or by searching for the WindyTV App in the search bar at the bottom of the Apps list:

Once selected, you can customize your WindyTV App. 

You'll need to enter a valid Longitude and Latitude corresponding to the desired geographic location (note that any coordinates W and S must have a negative sign in front of them).

Select an overlay option to display Wind, Rain/Snow, Waves (seismic activity), and Pressure maps.

There's also a toggle to change the temperature to units of Fahrenheit if desired.

Once selected, you can preview your newly added WindyTV App and update its configurations. 

To save, simply click "Save". 

Wind overlay preview:

Temperature overlay preview:

Rain/Snow overlay preview:

Waves overlay preview:

Pressure overlay preview:

Note: clicking the yellow arrow in each overlay (highlighted in the image above) will open a detailed 6-day forecast along the bottom of the page:

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