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Display videos on current events from sources like CBC, BBC, CNN, and MSNBC

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Connect your displays to the most trusted international news sources.

You can currently choose various new channels like CBC news, sports, and national; BBC, CNN, and MSNBC which curates news from their respective Youtube channels. 

How to add the News App:

  • Log in to your TelemetryTV account and navigate to the "Shared" tab in the lefthand toolbar.

  • Click the "Create" button to view the application list.

  • Scroll the list down to the "YouTube Channels" section, or search for your desired news source in the search bar at the bottom.

Configuring Your App

Once you select a channel, you will be able to edit its properties in the pane to the left.


If you select BBC Video or CBC Video as your channel, you may further select which type of content you would like to display from the "Source" dropdown menu. For BBC you may select from general BBC content or BBC News. For CBC you may select from CBC News, National, or Sports.


You may label your app to better describe the content it's displaying.

No Older Than

This dropdown menu lets you decide how new you'd like the news in your app to be displayed. Once it runs out of new videos to play, it will begin playing older videos as far back as you've specified. You may choose between 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, or any time.

Show Captions

Toggling this on will display YouTube's captions for the video.


Toggling this on will disable audio for your videos if your display can output sound.

Once you have selected your app and set the properties, click "Create" in the lower right to activate it.

You can now see your app in the centre of the screen. Selecting it allows you to edit its properties from the "Details" tab. You may view the app fullscreen from the "Preview" tab.

💡 Pro tip: Add multiple different YouTube news channels to a Playlist to display a diversity of news content on a single screen.

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