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How to add the YouTube App to your TelemetryTV device display

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We're 6x more likely to engage with, and retain information through, video content.

With TelemetryTV’s customizable YouTube App, you can engage your team, staff, and on-site visitors by displaying compelling video on multiple screens. 

Choose to display a single video, playlists, and channels from your device. 

Adding the Youtube App

  • Log in to your TelemetryTV account and navigate to the "Playlists" tab on the lefthand toolbar.

  • Search for "YouTube" in the application list (right of the page preview), then select the YouTube App.

Once YouTube has been selected, you are able to completely customize your video player.

Configuring the YouTube App

First, give your YouTube app a name in the label field. 

In the URL section, paste the URL of the YouTube video, playlist or channel you would like to play. Once you paste the URL, TelemetryTV intuitively recognizes the type of content you will be displaying. You will see this update in the "Type" section.

If your content is a Single Video, you will only have a couple more options to configure. If your content is a Playlist or Channel, more advanced options will appear to configure your player settings.

Let's go over these different settings:

  • No Older Than: When displaying a channel, you can filter videos based on their age. 

  • Show Captions: Select this option to display captions if the video supports it. Check out this article for more info on YouTube captions.

  • Mute: Use this to disable sound for your video.

  • Shuffle: Enabling shuffle will play the videos in a channel or playlist in a random order.

  • One at a time:  Our "One at a time" feature allows you to add diversity to the videos and apps you display. This feature switches between displaying the most recent video from your YouTube channel or playlist, following it up with displaying the next page in your playlist, and then continues with the next video when the playlist reaches your YouTube app again. If "One at a time" has been disabled, the player will automatically display your videos in sequence and then display your other apps. 

Youtube Digital Signage

Once you're done customizing your video player, click "Create." You can preview your player on the right side of the app menu, and edit the settings in the "Details" menu.

💡Pro tip: The YouTube app does not need a fixed duration! If you do not set a fixed duration for your YouTube app in your playlist, the player will recognize the end of the video and switch to the next page when finished. 

Please note: The YouTube App does not block or modify YouTube's ads in any way. In order to avoid ads during playback, we recommend uploading videos to our Media Repository.

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