What are Apps?

Apps are full-screen, turnkey visuals that can be used to add special features to your playlists and connect to 3rd party services like Twitter and Google Calendar. TelemetryTV comes packaged with a diverse app library that will help you display a wide range of information to your audience.

💡 Pro tip: We recommend using Apps rather than Boards wherever possible. Check out our Notice App for an easy and effective way to display a custom message to your audience!

Getting Started
To get started using Apps, click on the “Apps” button on the left-hand menu of the TelemetryTV interface.

To create an app, click on the “Create” button at the top left of the page.

From this menu you can choose from many different kinds of apps. There are social apps like Instagram and Slack; productivity apps like Google Calendar and Stocks, media apps like CNN and YouTube, and original TelemetryTV apps like InfoTV, Wayfinding, and SmartRoom.

💡 Pro tip: Use Playlist Zones to display several different apps in a grid format on a single playlist page!

Screenshot of our Twitter App:

Screenshot of our Weather App:

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