What if you could get all of your daily online news without having to search through a million different websites?

That's what RSS feeds are for.

RSS feeds, or Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way for busy internet dwellers to receive they're favorite online content from various online publications, blogs, and other websites without having to subscribe email newsletters. 

Get started by heading over to your TelemetryTV main dashboard. 

From the left column, access your Apps and click on Add App. 

Search for the RSS App by using the search bar found on the top right corner. 

Once selected, the app editor window will appear. From here, you will need to label your App and include the RSS feed URL of your choosing.

Note: Depending on your RSS feed reader finding the URL can be tricky. Refer to your RSS feed reader directly for detailed instructions on how to pull a website's RSS feed URL. 

Once labeled and the RSS feed URL has been inserted, click "Add App". 

Preview your newly added RSS feed, update the title, or the feed's URL from the app preview window. 

If you're happy with your newly added RSS feed's display, Click "Save" to publish and display your feed on a single or multiple screens. 

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