Want to show your audience what time it is? Here's four ways to display a clock. 

1. Using the Time Widget

The time widget is an easy way to display the time on your board. Here's how to do so from the board editor:

  1. Click the "Widgets" button in the top toolbar.

  2. Select the "Time" widget from the list below the board preview.

  3. The widget will show up on your board and you can move it around to your desired location. 

💡 Pro tip: Change your grid size to 32 x 16 in the board settings menu to have more freedom to move your clock around to where you want it. Check out the video below to see how.

There are a couple limitations with this widget. Like other metrics that are displayed on a dashboard, the clock widget is fixed to the grid and thus will snap to the grid as it is moved around. There is also a translucent, square background displayed. We are currently working on adding an option to make the background transparent, and will update this article once that change is released.

2. Enable the clock in the board configuration

You can display the time in the footer of your board. Here's how:

  1. From the board editor, open the settings menu (the gear icon to the right of the board name).

  2. Toggle on the "Show Clock" option. 

It will look like this in the bottom right corner:

3. Enable the clock in the playlist configuration

You can set the time to display on all pages of your playlist if desired. It will appear just like the board configuration example. Here's how:

  1. Open your playlist, and navigate to the "Configuration" menu (top-left).

  2. In the "Overlays" section, toggle on the "Clock" option.

4. Use the Clock App in your playlist.

Set up the Clock App in your apps section to use it in your playlist. Add this as a playlist page so that your audience views it as your playlist cycles through. You can also display the clock app on the same playlist page with other content with Playlist Zones.

💡 Pro tip: Use the Clock App to display up to six different time zones. 

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