Make your beautiful board into a custom template so you can model new boards after it with ease. 

You created an awesome board, and you would like to make other, similar boards without tons of effort. 

To make your board a custom template:

  • Open the board editor for the board you want as your template

  • Click the "gear" icon beside the board name to reveal the drop-down settings menu

  • Toggle on "Use as Custom Template" at the bottom of the menu

To use your custom template when creating a new board:

  • From the "Boards" page, click the blue "Create" button

  • Select your Custom Template in the "Create Board" menu, and give the new board a name

  • Click "Create" to launch the board editor for this new board.

💡 Pro tip: Set a board as a Custom Template if you will replicate it many times. If you're only going to do it once, you should duplicate your board instead.

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