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Managing Digital Signage Content - Best Practices
Managing Digital Signage Content - Best Practices

Essential tips for keeping your digital signage content under control.

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Everything needs maintenance once in a while. Much like taking your car to the mechanic for a check-up or going through your closet to purge clothes you don't wear anymore, your TelemetryTV account needs to be maintained to optimize performance and speed!

When your account has multiple users and lots of content, things can get out of hand quickly. We put together a guide of best practices for managing your content to speed up loading times, find files easily, and avoid hitting your account limits.

1. Use folders as much as possible

Folders can be created for Playlists, Devices, Media, and Apps. We recommend creating a policy with your team about how to create and name folders so you can locate things easily and get rid of content when it's no longer needed.

  • Have each user create folders with their name or their department's name. Make sure everyone uploads media and creates apps, and playlists in their own folders.

  • Create sub-folders for different events. For example, if you're uploading images from a Halloween event, create a folder for those images only. After a few months when you're no longer displaying these images, you can remove the entire folder easily.

  • Assign permissions to different user groups to allow access to their folders only.

2. Name everything.

Taking 5 seconds to name your media files, digital signage players, and other content can save you hours of hunting in the future. 

  • Give a short, descriptive name to your media files when you upload them so that you can search for them in the future.

  • When you add a new digital signage player, make sure you give it a Name, Description, and Location in the "Details" menu. You'll thank us later when you are able to read your device offline notifications and act fast.

3. Delete what you no longer need.

Your account has a storage limit for a reason. Uploading hundreds of images and videos can cause frustrating lagging when you're using your account.

  • Plan a day every couple months to delete any content you no longer need (see above tip on creating folders!). Go through Playlists, Media, Apps, and Boards and purge away.

  • Check your "Usage" to see how much storage you have left. To find this, click your icon in the top right of the app, select "Billing", and click on the "Usage" tab.

💡 Pro tip: Look for the trash icon to delete your content. To delete a playlist, click the "" icon next to the playlist name in the drop-down menu, then click the trash icon.

4. Optimize your media to avoid hitting storage limits.

We hope this article will help your team manage content easily and effectively. 

Please share this with your team members and new users and let us know if you have any feedback!

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