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Keep your audience updated on upcoming events

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Make sure your audience never misses an event.

Our Events App allows you to display upcoming events to your audience in a way that is sure to capture their attention. Make it your own with customizable backgrounds and the ability to integrate with Google Calendar. Here's how to use it:

Adding the Events App

  • Log in to your TelemetryTV account and navigate to the "Playlists" tab from the lefthand toolbar.

  • In the menu to the right of the page preview, Search for "Events" in the application list, and select the Events App.

Configuring your Events App

The "Events Properties" section is where you can customize how the app looks. Your settings can be edited once you click "Create", so don't be afraid to test out different things. Let's go through the different options and look at some examples. 

The Events App has four settings that control what information it displays, and how:

  1. Show Upcoming Events

  2. Hide Location

  3. Don't Feature Next

  4. Zone Padding

When everything is toggled off, the calendar display looks like this:

Show Upcoming Events - in this configuration, there are other events in the week, but you cannot see them because Show Upcoming Events is not selected (first toggle in the red box). 

Hide Location hides the location of the event.

Don't Feature Next - The closest event, "Weekly Team Meeting" is the only thing displayed, in a dark overlay. This is because it is Featured. We can turn this off by selecting the Don't Feature Next toggle.


If we select Show Upcoming Events, the display changes:

The most recent event, "Weekly Team Meeting," is still more prominent than other events, but now other events are displayed.


If we select both Show Upcoming Events and Don't Feature Next, the display changes once again:

Now, the most recent event, "Weekly Team Meeting" is no longer featured, and is the same size as every other event.


Zone Padding - We can change the level of Zone Padding to change the margins of the App display. By default, Zone Padding is set to Large. If we decrease it to small, we can fit more events on the screen:

(Note: the Calendar App in this example is linked to a Google Calendar; see below for how to do this)

Select the font you'd like to use to display your Events.

App Background
Click the box below "App Background" to launch the background selection modal. Here, you can choose from several options:

  • Photos / Videos: Select a background from our preloaded library of images and videos.

  • Color: Select a color for the background. Add a gradient overlay to give it some movement.

  • Custom: Use a media file from your media repository.

Adding Events

There are two ways to add events.

1. Manually in the properties menu

At the bottom of the properties menu, you will see an "Add Event" button. Use this to add multiple events. You can specify the name, location, date, and whether or not the event is recurring. You can also edit and delete events once they've been added.

2. Using a .ICS File URL

Toggling on "Create events from calendar" will give you the option to enter an iCalendar URL:

By using an .ICS URL you can sync your events app with a live, cloud-based calendar such as Google Calendar, Office 365, or Apple. You can link any calendar type that provides an .ICS URL.

Generating your .ICS from Office365

  1. Log into your 365 account (The default login is

  2. Go to your calendar app by selecting the "Calendar" option under "Use the online apps"

  3. On the top right of the calendar page click the settings icon

  4. Open up the "My app settings" section and click the "Calendar" link

  5. Under the the "Calendar" section select "Publish Calendar"

  6. Select the calendar that you would like to import into Zola Suite and give "Full details" permission

  7. Click the ICS link. This will download the ICS file needed

Generating your .ICS from Google Calendar:

Find your Secret Address in iCal format. In Google Calendar, you can find this under "Settings."

Generating your .ICS from Apple Calendar:

  1. You must have an Apple iCloud account linked to the Apple Calendar you want to use with TelemetryTV.

  2. Sign into iCloud at

  3. Click the Calendar icon from the iCloud dashboard

  4. Click the "signal" icon as seen below:

5. In the "Calendar Sharing" window that opens up, select the "Public Calendar' option
6. Copy the URL and past it into iCalendar URL field in TelemetryTV

Note: you must change the URL to https in order for TelemetryTV to use it. When you copy the URL from your iCloud, it will be in the form webcal:// This this must be changed to https:// in order to work in TelemetryTV.

The Events App will now automatically update based on the events in your calendar. 

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