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The Countdown App is a great way to hype up an upcoming event.

You can set it up either from the Apps or Playlists menus, which can both be located at any time on the left panel of the TelemetryTV page.

There are a few options when creating the Countdown App to take note of:

  • Toggle on "Stop Countdown at Zero" if you'd like the countdown to stop at the time of the event. If this is turned off, the clock will count up from when the event occurred once it is over.

  • Choose an alert sound from the drop-down list. This will play when your countdown reaches zero.

  • If you added multiple profiles, you will have the option to specify the "Transition Interval" to set how long each profile will show.

Here's some examples of the Countdown App in action:

Linking Your Calendar with the Countdown App

You can also integrate your own Calendar with the Countdown App. 

By integrating a Calendar, you don't need to manually program the Countdown App - it will read from your upcoming events and countdown to them without your having to lift a finger. It will countdown to the closest upcoming event, and once that event occurs, start counting down to the next event.

When creating your Countdown App, turn on the "Create Events from Calendar" switch. When you do this, you will notice a new menu appears:

Now you can label your Calendar, give it a description and assign it an alert sound. Most importantly, you must enter the iCalendar URL in order to give TelemetryTV access to your Calendar. You can integrate any public Calendar that has an .ics link. Check out the instructions at the bottom of this article for grabbing your .ICS URL from Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar.

Once you've added the iCalendar URL and clicked "Add iCalendar", TelemetryTV will display a countdown to the nearest approaching event in your Calendar in the page.

You can add multiple calendars to the same Countdown page by clicking the "Add iCalendar" button after you've already added your first Calendar:

With multiple Calendars added, the App will look through all of them, and countdown to the nearest approaching event across all added Calendars.

A successfully added Calendar Countdown looks like this:

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