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Getting Started with TelemetryTV
Getting Started With Digital Signage - Success Checklist
Getting Started With Digital Signage - Success Checklist

Getting started with TelemetryTV? Follow our checklist to learn the basics.

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Success Checklist

This checklist was created to help new users learn the most important parts of TelemetryTV. Follow this list in order, and you're sure to become a TelemetryTV expert in no time. 

Before you get started, check out this Product Tour video which goes over the basics:


TelemetryTV consists of 2 main components:

  • Content Creation (Apps, Media, Canva)

  • Content Management (Playlists, Devices, Overrides)

You create content like Apps, Media, and Canva designs that you will display. Then, you manage this content by organizing it into Playlists and applying playlists to Devices. In this section, we will go through the essential features of each component.

Digital Signage Content Creation Essentials

Step 1: Create your first APP
Our App library consists of a constantly-growing selection of turn-key visuals. Apps are the easiest and fastest way to create beautiful digital signage in under 3 minutes with no design experience necessary. They are also optimized to perform well on devices. We always recommend using Apps rather than Boards wherever possible.

  • ❏  Watch our Apps Video

  • ❏  Next, set up your first app in our app library. We recommend starting with the Notice App, Calendar App, or Weather App.

For more info, check out our documentation covering all apps here. You should also watch this video which talks about our Essential App series!

Step 2: Upload a MEDIA File
Your media repository is where you can upload your own custom images and videos that you can use to create content or add directly to a playlist.

  • ❏  Watch our Media Video

  • ❏  Next, upload your first piece of media to your media repository. Helpful tip: name your files and organize them in folders so that they are easy to locate.

  • ❏ Check out our guide to creating amazing digital signage content here.

🛑 Important: Images and Videos should be optimized for your screens before uploading. Files that are too large may impact performance on certain devices. Learn more about optimizing images and optimizing videos.

Content Management Essentials

Step 3: Create your first PLAYLIST
Playlists are where you add, organize, and schedule the content that you create. Think of a playlist almost as a TV channel; you will curate your programming, schedule it in the order you'd like it to play, then broadcast it to your screens!

  • ❏  Watch our Playlists Video

  • ❏  Next, create your first playlist. Add one APP, and one MEDIA FILE to two separate pages.

  • ❏  Watch our Playlist Zones Video (On a Starter Plan? Skip the Playlist Zones steps. Our Zones feature is only available on Standard or Plus plans)

  • ❏  Add another page to your playlist, and configure it using the Playlist Zones function. You may want to go back and create another app or two to add into your zone configuration!

For more information, check out our documentation on playlists.

Step 4: Pair your first DEVICE
You may not have your devices yet, but you can still simulate pairing through our browser media player. Please note that the browser player is meant for testing purposes and is not recommended for long-term use.

  • ❏ First, watch our Devices Video so you understand how the Devices page works.

  • ❏ Open a browser window and go to

  • ❏ From the TelemetryTV Devices page, pair the browser player to your account using the six-digit pairing code from the player. The device will appear in your devices list.

  • ❏ From the details tab on the right, assign the playlist you created to this new device.

You should now see your playlist playing in your browser window!

For information on how to pair and provision different types of devices, check out our documentation on devices.


You know the basics of TelemetryTV!


The following features are available on Standard + Plus plans only. Please note, you will not have access to these features if you decide to go with a Starter Plan.

Advanced Content Creation

Step 5: Create your first CANVA design
Canva is an online, easy-to-use graphic design tool that empowers anyone to create professional quality designs. TelemetryTV's Canva integration allows you to create and edit Canva content directly from your TelemetryTV account so you can display your creations in no time. 

  • ❏ Watch the Canva Video 

  • ❏ Create your first Canva design and add it to your playlist

  • ❏ Check out our guide to using Canva for digital signage here

Advanced Content Management

Step 6: Create your first OVERRIDE
Overrides allow you to take over all of the screens in a device organization with one click. You can create overrides that are scheduled, recurring, or you can apply them manually by clicking pause or play.

🤩NICE WORK! You're a pro. 🤩

Remember, if you have any questions, reach us using the blue chat icon from within the app, or at 

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