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TelemetryTV Desktop for Remote Teams
TelemetryTV Desktop for Remote Teams

Visual communications for distributed teams

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TelemetryTV Desktop keeps your office and remote users informed and engaged wherever they are.

It’s easy for remote team members to feel disconnected. Using TelemetryTV Desktop and TelemetryTV's Viewer Only permissions, you can keep every single remote user aligned and informed with critical updates, dashboards, announcements, and live streams via their desktop computer.  

TelemetryTV's Viewer Only permissions feature lets you create user groups, invite view-only users to your account, and set playlists with important company information for your users to see.

Viewer Only users will download the TelemetryTV Desktop App. They'll be able to log in and view playlists from anywhere. Rather than providing a URL for playlist viewing, TelemetryTV's Viewer Only feature adds a layer of security for your playlist content by ensuring your team members have to log in to view it.

☝️ Please note: You will need TelemetryTV's Groups & Permissions feature enabled on your account to create Viewer Groups.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to create "Viewer" Groups

  • How to assign Playlists to Viewer groups

  • How to invite your team members to your account

Creating "Viewer Only" Groups

  1. Navigate to the "Groups" section by clicking the drop-down menu in the top left of your account.

  2. On the Groups page, click the Groups drop-down menu and select "+ Add Group"

  3. Type in a name for your group, toggle on the "Viewer Only" button, and click Create. 

Assigning a Playlist to your Viewer Group

  1. From the Groups section, open the Group to which you'd like to assign a Playlist.

  2. Select the "Viewer Playlist" tab and select a Playlist from the drop-down menu.

Inviting Team Members

  1. Navigate to the "Team Members" section by clicking the drop-down menu in the top left of your account.

  2. Click "Add Team Member"

  3. Enter the email of the person to which you'd like to send an invitation. (If you'd like to set their password yourself, you can toggle off "Invitation" and create their account that way. They will not receive an invitation email if this method is used.)

  4. Select the User Group from the Groups menu, then click "Invite"

Once your team members join and log in to their account, they'll be able to view important company playlists from their computer, which can be updated in real-time. Viewer Only users will only see the Playlist content assigned to them, with no other distractions!

Check out the following article to send along to your invited users:

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