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Using our RSS App to display content from Facebook

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UPDATE April 2023

Unfortunately, Facebook has made a recent update which disables application developers from displaying original content from facebook on a different platform (e.g. the TelemetryTV platform) without a login. This has also prevented the use of the RSS App workaround listed below. This is no longer a valid workaround as Facebook requires a login to that the RSS App cannot access.

We no longer offer a Facebook App or the RSS App workaround due to limitations set by Facebook for third-party developers.

Using RSS App as a Workaround to Display Facebook Feeds

Please see the update above:

However you can use TelemetryTV's RSS App and the online tool RSS.app as a workaround to display Facebook feeds.

To generate a Facebook RSS feed URL, please visit RSS.App and enter the Facebook URL you'd like to pull content from. Once you have created the RSS feed URL, paste the RSS URL into TelemetryTV's RSS App.

☝️Important Note: The URL that you use to create the RSS feed, must be taken from a public Facebook page or group.

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