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Stream live videos to your displays using TelemetryOS

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TelemetryTV's Live Video App is a powerful tool that allows users to stream live videos from third-party URLs with ease. This app supports standard streaming protocols like UDP, RTP, RTSP, MMSH, HTTP, and HTTPS.

🚨 Note: This feature is exclusively available on TelemetryOS. Read more about our proprietary operating system here!

To set up the Live Video App:

1. You can create a Live Video App directly on your playlist. Simply create a new page or zone, and select the app from the directory on the right. Use the search bar at the bottom of the page to quickly locate the app.

2. Enter the URL into the URL field.

3. Configure your app's properties.

Aspect Ratio: Set the width and height of your video. We suggest limiting the render video size to 1920px for optimal performance.

Audio: Toggle the mute button off if you'd like to hear the audio from your live video. When mute is left on (as shown above) no sound will play.

Congratulations! Once you create your app, you're ready to start broadcasting live videos to your audience.

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